American Sports History
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Tuesday 9/3/13

Why study American Sports History.ppt

Example of good or bad behavior in sports due Friday 9/6

Wednesday 9/4/13
Notes and Discussion
Sports 1600's-1880s.ppt

Thursday 9/5/13
Notes and Discussion of Sports 1600's-1880's see earlier link
Focus=early baseball

Friday 9/6/13
Collected Sports stories
Continued with notes on Boxing 1600's-1880's

Monday-Tuesday 9/9/13-9/10/13
Watched and discussed Unforgivable Blackness

Students notes should show a depth of knowledge on race issues in early 20th century America.
Link to Movie

Link to Notes
Unforgiveable Blackness.docx

Wednesday-Friday 9/11/13-9/13/13

Continued study of Jack Johnson and Race relations in sports and early 20th Century America

Start of discussion of Industrialization's affect on Sports

Monday 9/14/13

Covered how industrialization has an affect on sports

Tuesday 9/15/13

Constitution Day Discussion

Notes on how baseball explains America 1900-1910

How Baseball explains America.docx

The Golden Age of Sports 1920s

Discussion on America and Athletes in the 20's

Focus on the following athletes: Babe Ruth, Red Grange, Bobby Jones, George Tilden, Jack Dempsey, and Gertrude Ederle

Link to Notes on 20's athletes

1920's sports.pptx

Also a focus on the Boom times of America's economy, new roles of women, Cars, Radio and other technology.  Newspaper reporters roles in the glorification of Athletes.

10/8-10/14 Start of our study on the Great Depression and sports

Cinderella Man notes.docx 

Further study of Depression and sports

Jesse Owens
1930's sports.pptx

Babe Didrikson

Negro League Baseball
Negro league baseball.pptx