AP World History

Advanced Placement World History is a demanding and rigorous course.  The successful AP World History student is able to devote the amount of time to reading and learning history to be prepared on a daily basis.  The reward for this effort is the deep understanding of our world and the impact of history. The diligent AP World History student will also find that other college-level coursework will come easier to them after they have gained the confidence in their ability and skill after a year in this very difficult, but rewarding class.

Quote: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Following are links to important documents, presentations, and materials for the class.  They will be updated throughout the trimester/year.
Tuesday 9/3/13 1st Day of School
AP World History Syllabus.docx

Reading Schedule for September
Ways of the World Reading Schedule for WHAP.docx

Wednesday 9/4/13
handout curriculum framework for period 1

Thursday 9/5/13
Reading Jared Diamonds article on the early humans
Are we better off today?
Discussion of the article
Very brief introduction to Cornell Notes

Friday 9/6/13
Reading Quiz over Chapter 1
Discussion of the Quiz and the AP test in May

Following is a quick video on the use of Cornell notes

Monday 9/9/13
Discussion on how we will use Cornell notes

Passed out documents on using SOAPSTONE to evaluate point of view in readings

Discussed PIRATES to evaluate political, intellectual, religious, art, technology, economic, and social factors in readings.

Watched Crash Course World History #1

Sorry about the missing days of information, the following is a summary of what has been going on in the class:

We have watched some clips from Mankind the story of all of us, to get some visual of classical Empires

We have taken notes and discussed information on Philosophy/religions including: Hinduism, Daoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and a little on Christianity and Islam (Much more to come)
Religions AP World History.pptx
We discussed the connection between religion and politics. 

We worked on Cornell notes a little more.

We were introduced to DBQ's (Document Based Questions) much more to come!  

October Homework/Quiz/Test Schedule
Ways of the World Reading Schedule for WHAP- October.docx

Analysis of Document based questions 307-323 With Questions

Review of Important information from Unit 2 through Lecture/Notes Test Tomorrow

Continued review/Lecture then Unit 2 Test


Gave extra time to students that needed it on Unit 2 Test

Discussion of the Silk Road and the clash of cultures that accompanied trading networks.

Students wrote the released 2007 Document Based Question on Han China and the Roman Empire....This activity took all hour.

Notes on Islam

Missed some class for Panther Partners/MEAP bubbling

Discussion of Silk Roads trading

Take home Chapter 8 reading quiz questions

Notes on China

Watched the following video

Revised October reading schedule
revised Ways of the World Reading Schedule for WHAP- October.docx

Continued notes and discussion on China

Chapter 9 Quiz

Notes on the Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire.pptx


Web based project on world religions

Chapter 10 notes/prepare for tomorrow's quiz
WHAP Chapter 10 Notes.pptx

Collect Web based project on religions


Begin review for exam - handed out exam review

WHAPtastic Review Tri 1.docx

Exam Schedule
Wed. 11/20/2013
7:25-9:25    First Hour Exam
9:30-9:48   Second Hour
9:53-10:11  Third Hour
10:16-11:42 Fourth Hour
11:47-12:05 Fifth Hour
12/:10-2:10  Sixth Hour Exam

Thurs.  11/21/2013
7:25-9:25   Second Hour Exam
9:25-9:35 10 Minutes passing time
9:35-11-35  Third Hour Exam
11:35  Dismissal

Fri. 11/22/2013
7:25-9:25   Fourth Hour Exam
9:25-9:35 10 Minutes passing time
9:35-11-35  Fifth Hour Exam
11:35  Dismissal

2nd Trimester AP World History

December Reading Schedule
Ways of the World Reading Schedule for WHAP- December.docx

Notes on Mongols from Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Mongol notes.pptx

Questions to accompany reading for Chapter 12
Chapter 12 Essential Questions WHAP.docx

Students took Pre-Assessment

Continued notes on Mongols

Map activity on Eastern Hemisphere p. 530

Don't forget reading quiz Friday and essential questions due Friday 12/6

Continued work on the map activity.

Continued taking notes and discussing the Mongols' impact on Europe, China, Persia, and Russia

Moved the reading quiz to Monday 12/10

Discussion of MLK and Nelson Mandela
CCOT Essay
6 Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela (from Work PC).doc

Notes and Discussion on Aztec and Incas
WHAP Inca and Aztec Civilizations notes ch.13.pptx

Students wrote a Change and Continuity Over Time Essay

Reading Schedule for January
Ways of the World Reading Schedule for WHAP- January.docx

We read example essays and discussed CCOT essay scoring

Finish work on Nelson Mandela Point of View

Took some notes from Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel"

Handed out Study Guide for the test on Thursday
Chapter 14 and 15 AP study guide.docx

Discussed CCOT results

Continued with "Guns, Germs, and Steel"


Atlantic Revolutions notes/Movie/Discussions

Notes and Discussion

Remainder of February reading schedule
Feb. Ways of the World Reading Schedule for WHAP.docx

•Write a short persuasive essay on the following statement:

Industrialization is a story of human progress.

1.Choose a side and write a thesis statement
2.Give 3 pieces of evidence to back up your statement
3.State then refute the opposing viewpoint

4.Conclude your argument by restating your thesis and your evidence

Took notes on the following presentation:


2/24 Further discussion and notes on imperialism

2/25 Review for test AP World History Chapters 18-19 study guide.docx

3rd Trimester                                                                                           



In Class discussion and notes on:
The Great Depression
Treaty of Versailles
Rise of Dictators (handout used to take notes)

3/25-3/28 WWII
For APWH WWII.pptx

Finished WWII test over Chapter 21 tomorrow 4/1

April reading schedule
April reading apwh.docx

Panther partner meeting and Chapter 21 Test

Pre-Assessment test and notes/discussion on the Russian Revolution
Russian revolution.pptx

Continued the Russian Revolution notes

Finished Russian Revolution and started the Cold War with Ferguson's War of the World


4/5-4/14 Spring Break....enjoy!

Students are in the Computer Lab. taking the Michigan Interim Assessment Pilot Test

Lecture/discussion of Communism in Russia and China
Communism in Russia and China.pptx

Quiz over Chapter 22 and discussion of Independence movements post WWII

Planned AP Review Topics
May 2nd- Geography/ WH themes
May 3rd- Saturday Review
May 5th- Compare and Contrast Essay
May 6th- Multiple Choice practice test 70 Questions 55 min.
May 7th- DBQ grouping, thesis, POV, and Extra Doc.
May 8th- Period 1 and 2 review (important people and events)
May 9th- Change and Continuity over Time Essay and Period 3 review
May 10th- Saturday Review
May 12th- Full DBQ
May 13th- Senior Assembly
May 14th- Period 4-6/last minute tips
May 15th- Test day