The Lapeer Homeschool Partnership (LHP)
The Lapeer Homeschool Partnership was developed to proved academics and extra-curricular options to the homeschool community. Together, we believe that education is vitally important to the future of our community. We believe that parents should determine and select the educational opportunities that best meet their children's needs.

We believe in supporting parents and students by providing curricular and extra-curricular opportunities that meet the needs of all students.

- Enrollment
- Orientation
- Parent participation
- Teacher/Mentor Contract
- State and District testing (MAP 3 per year; M-STEP in spring)
- Attendance - one session per week with mentor
- Student Contract

Opportunities for LHP students
• College on Campus: Opportunities for college credit in high school through partnerships with the University of Michigan-Flint, Mott Community College,and Baker College.
• The Lapeer Virtual Learning Center (LVLC): Full and Part time virtual coursework for students seeking an alternative to traditional instruction.
• Blended Enrollment: A combination of virtual and traditional courses.

Director of Innovation, Kenneth Janczarek (810) 667-2423
Lapeer Homeschool Partnership Director, Michon Periso (810) 358-6243